The Ins and Outs of SPSS Thesis Analysis

Would You Need Support with Using SPSS Statistical Analysis Software

gathering the dataWhen you do your data collection for your thesis or dissertation you will be doing so to prove your research question. To do this conclusively you will need to be able to show that your data supports your theories without any doubt. Achieving this requires more than just a subjective look at your data or drawing a few graphs. You will need to be able to do statistical analysis to be able to show something’s significance or to prove relationships. One way of doing this is by using SPSS software.

SPSS thesis analysis is one of the easier ways of doing analysis and is a piece of software that is understood by many that undertake analysis within academic studies. Originally the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) it has been around since 1968 for conducting analysis, originally on mainframes run by IBM. Since 2009 it has been owned by IBM and is now IBM SPSS Statistics to give it its full title.

Learning how to use SPSS for data analysis can, however, be quite difficult, especially if this is your first time to be doing such analysis of your work. For many, they will have to go through a steep learning curve to be able to complete and understand their SPSS dissertation analysis. Typically you will be using SPSS for quantitative data analysis and will do qualitative data analysis with Nvivo or other similar packages that are better suited in those areas.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SPSS

education researchersSPSS is a long established program and as such has many extensions and add-ons that you can use should you be looking for something that is a little out of the ordinary and not included within the basic functionality of the software. It is also a piece of software that is well understood by many within academia and as such is something that you can often get quick help with. It is also relatively cheap to purchase or license should you want your own version and most universities will have versions available for you to use or even download.

SPSS is a very powerful piece of software and is able to provide you with a huge amount of functionality through both drops down menus and also through the syntax editor. However, because of this huge amount of functionality, it can be hard to memorize just what it can do. Many new users are simply overwhelmed by the number of screens, menus, and commands that they need to use.

For many this can be a real issue, after all, they may have to invest a considerable amount of time learning something that they may only ever use once if they have no intention of remaining within a research role. However if working with education researchers is your goal then it is vital that you master SPSS software.

How to Do SPSS Thesis Analysis

To conduct any analysis your data will have to upload into SPSS as a table. This can be done directly or more usually you will import it from elsewhere such as from an Excel file. Gathering the data is often the simple part, getting that information into a format that can actually be used for data processing, however, is another matter.

For SPSS your data needs to be arranged into tables; each row will be a specific record or “case” in SPSS speak. The columns are the variables that you have measured for each case. Each column must contain the same type of data, either numeric or a string/character. When data is missing it is marked with either space “ “ or a period “.”.

The data is viewed in the data editor and can be seen in this SPSS data view example.

SPSS data view example

You can also switch to the variable view in the bottom left of the screen. This allows you to be able to edit the information that defines the different variables or meta-data.

An example of the Variable view is reproduced here:

variable view sample

Commands are usually issued through dialog boxes or through the use of the syntax editor. Dialog boxes are accessed through the menu along the top of the screen and each is used to issue a specific command in much the same way as many other software packages work. On the whole, this is a fairly intuitive method of conducting analysis as long as you can find the specific commands that you are looking for.

A typical window to issue your commands will look something like this example SPSS dialog box:

SPSS dialog box example

The syntax editor, however, allows you to input your commands directly using the SPSS programming language. This is often the quickest way to actually do your calculations and the preferred method of use. However, it does require a knowledge of the different commands and how to format them. You also need to be aware that not every calculation is accessible through the menu boxes so you will need to use the syntax editor to do some.

An example of the Syntax editor is here:

syntax editor example

When you run a command through either the syntax editor or the dialog boxes the information that is generated is shown through the output viewer. This can be statistical tables or graphical output depending on the type of analysis that you have asked the software to perform.

A typical output table will look something like this SPSS example:

SPSS example

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